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New website update and changes

This week’s featured knife is operational again. It has not changed since back in late February or early March. Sorry for the delay.

This was one of the problems with the website starting around February 13. On that date we could no longer update the content anywhere on the website because the software we have been using since 1999. Yes we have updated the software with different versions over the years but the website has out grown what this software was designed to do.

We have been working on the change over to a new design and a new web host for a little over one month as of today. As of Monday, March 22, 2010 starting about 12:15 CDT the new layout has been live on

The website has over 1200 pages and about 1000 need to be changed. We have updated about 500 pages but have many to change before we are finished with the complete site.

· should be working normal but sill needs some work updating all the pages.

· Blog should be working normal.
Blog URL is

· should be working normal.

Please let us know about any problems you find while you visit our websites and blog. Click here to send problem notices, kudos or ideals to improve what we are doing here. 

Thank you for you support and understanding. 

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