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Tips to make your knives hold their value longer

If you collect knives it is important to care for and store them so they will not be damaged by moisture, extreme temperature changes, fingerprints or dust. These four items are maybe the top value reducers for most knives that people collect. Another top value reducer is using your knife and sharpening it.

One variable you cannot control is the amount of any particular knife that is available on the market at a given time. What this means is say someone finds a box full of mint condition Schrade Cutlery Co, Walden, NY trappers with genuine pick bone handles still in the box from 1927 and they put all of them for sale at once. If they only found 12 knives that will not change the market value because there are so many collectors for the first Schrade tang mark. But if they found 144 and made them all available at one time that may reduce the value of each one for sometime on the antique knife market.

Generally buy the best condition you can afford even if this means you will have fewer knives in your collection. But if you know you will not take the time to care for your knives including setting up a temperature controlled storage area then save your money and buy lower condition knives and handle them any way you choose. Just know this fact; a mint knife is worth more than an excellent knife of the same brand, pattern, handles and age today or many years from now.

“It’s very clear on our site that condition is crucial,” says Byron. “In real estate they say it’s all about location, location, location, but with knife values it’s all about condition, condition, condition.”

Enjoy and have fun collecting knives because with so many brands and patterns to choose I am sure you can find something just right for you!

“Quality is quality no matter who made it or when it was made.”
Byron Rogers


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