Dealers in quality vintage, used, old, antique and rare knives

Vintage shotshell cardboard boxes reduced. Vintage shot shell wood boxes reduced.

Special group deals

Federal Monark, Winchester Super Speed, Remington Nitro Express, Remington Express, Remington Shurshot, Peters HV, Western Xpert, Western Super-X, Winchester-Western.

Vintage shotshell reloading supplies Winchester Western Cardboard Wads 16GA and ALCAN Ring-Waxed Wads 16GA reduced.

First come first served. Click on the three links below to see the Special group deals:

Cutlers Cove Neat Stuff 10 Shotshells

Cutlers Cove Neat Stuff 7 Shotshells

Cutlers Cove Neat Stuff 8 Shotshells


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