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Kershaw Trooper Report expanded to 14 pages

More information and pages but not more cost because of no price increase.

Kershaw Trooper Report on Model 1007
The best book on this knife!
Are you paying too much for the Trooper you are buying?

Click to buy Kershaw Trooper Report

Click to buy Kershaw Trooper Report

A exclusive!
17 years in the making of this valuable resource

New information and expanded to 14 pages for the end of 2015 with no price increase.

Why does one more page matter? Each page is loaded with around 46 serial numbers, production dates and market values for past knives. This is a lot of information on one page and of course adds to the overall value of the report.

The most complete up to date information and price guide on this unique dagger available anywhere!

Now with several hundred serial numbers, production dates and market values covering all the years of production!

Many actual market values have been added to the bigger Kershaw Trooper Report. The larger report includes an expanded section on the Kershaw Carved Ivory Collections. This was a very limited hand carved genuine ivory handled edition produced inside the larger standard run Trooper and made many years ago.

The report is printed with smaller text at 10 point. The report is bigger with fourteen pages, more information, many more serial numbers including dates of production and much more. The report keeps getting larger and better!

If you purchased the Kershaw Trooper Report years ago it may be time for you to update your information as the new version is the best and largest so far. Buy your copy today and be ahead of the curve.

Find out if you are paying too much for the Trooper you are buying!
The current report has what Troopers have sold for going back several years.
Valuable information may increase your Kershaw Trooper’s value!


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