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About CutlersCove.com

  • Cutlers Cove Knife Emporium™ established 1991

  • CutlersCove.com™ website was launched in 1999

  • CutlersCove.com is a unique combination of content, commerce and community.

  • The Cutlers Cove web site is actually a combination of three domains… CutlersCove.com ; CutlersCove.info and KnifeWebGuide.com.

The focus of CutlersCove.com is the sale/trade/purchase/consign of vintage knives, other related items and collectibles. We specialize in quality knives from the near and distant past. All knives on this site are pre-owned, unless stated otherwise.

CutlersCove.info™ is the blog about CutlersCove.com including all recent additions to our knives and  products for sale and recent additions and changes to our website plus any news.

KnifeWebGuide.com™ is all about information, reference, resources and free downloads. The KnifeWebGuide.com (KWG) is your starting hub to explore and discover the knife, sword and cutlery world.™

Nostalgia Photos from 1999 at a show and returning.  More photos from 2007.

Using the buttons at the top and the text menu to the left please feel free to navigate your way through the web site. Please visit for as long as you like and enjoy yourself. There is a email us feature on the site inviting your comments, suggestions and even your criticisms. You can also leave comments on most posts in the  CutlersCove.com Blog.

Dealers in quality vintage, used,
old, antique, scarce and rare knives.

Byron Rogers, a knife collector, founded Cutler’s Cove Knife Emporium in 1991. CutlersCove.com our web store is now in its thirteen year. We have been retailing knives since 1991 and in the past went to many shows. Click here to contact us.

There have been rumors that I am selling the site. I have only received one offer as of late but I did not think they where serious so that pathway ended. Its hard to put a price on something you have spent thousands of hours (yes, that many) working on. I do think the site is loaded with great content but it could be better but I am not sure I can take the site to the next level without help.

I think the site needs to be revamped and brought up to current standards. I do not have the time like I had over the last 12 plus years because of some changes in my life dealing with parent care and more. So if someone is serious about purchasing CutlersCove.com and its related websites and domain names give me a call. I would be open to selling the site with or without the current inventory.

At shows since 1991 on the net since 1999!
CutlersCove.com Online Debut: Sept. 14, 1999

If you have purchased from us before you know we do not normally sell new current knives but if you are looking for that type of knife we can help. If you can not find what you are looking for here go to our KnifeWebGuide.com for a list of about 300 other knife dealers. Click here to see the list of knife dealers-retailers. You can even search the list after you get to the page. Do you know a friend who could use our different and ever growing network of websites? Please tell them about us.

The site is updated frequently and
is packed with over 1200 pages.

What are we doing here besides selling knives?
Below are a few goals and characteristics:

  • A true knowledge of and a passion for our topic.

  • Commitment to creating informative, "what you need to know" features.

  • A dedication to building and updating a comprehensive links directory.

  • The ability to bring our site to life.

  • Always looking for and adding more vintage knives.

  • Provide a iron clad guarantee so you can shop with confidence. 

  • Strong writing and editing skills. We at least try.

  • Basic HTML skills plus more.

  • A desire to ensure that CutlersCove.com and KnifeWebGuide.com remains the best cutlery network on the Internet.

Knives Wanted to Buy

Over 30,000 visitors each month.

We buy, sell, trade and consign all types
and brands of knives.

We specialize in vintage knives that are no longer made, but we have a thing for knives in general. In recent years, we made trips to the Knifemakers Guild Show (Orlando, Florida), Blade Show (Atlanta, Georgia), and two SHOT Shows (Dallas, Texas). Our interest in knives has taken us as far as Seki, the cutlery capital of Japan, to watch their Living Treasure in a sword making demonstration. (Seki was incredible and even smelled like steel in the air.) We are always trying to learn more about knives and the cutting edge.

Our inventory consists of over 500 different knives and our stock changes weekly. We have the good stuff, hard to find and unique knives for everyone. We have vintage, used and antique knives.

Shop with confidence. Our hassle-free return privilege allows you to return any item for any reason within 14 days of purchase. All of our merchandise is guaranteed to be as represented.

All items sold through CutlersCove.com
are subject to availability.

Follow us on Twitter = http://twitter.com/CutlersCove

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We do not have a Product Catalog or Retail Price List. The web site is the Catalog and Price List.

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A very dynamic inventory is the standard operating procedure at CutlersCove.com, and what's listed is but a sample of things currently in stock. We really do have over 500 different knives in stock. If you have particular wants, please let us know. A very active list of folks seeking items is surprised many times that we have what they are looking for. We buy items regularly and our stock is constantly changing. Quite often items are sold before they even have a chance to be offered publicly. 

Quality knives that are no longer made™

Our web site catalog is presented to you as one of the finest selections of cutlery ever offered by one company. We have been associated with the cutlery business for over 20 years. Enjoy going through the pages of our site and place your order soon for the items of your choice. Each will offer you years of enjoyable and satisfying use.

Check out the Customer Comments page and read what CutlersCove.com customers have to say.

The very proprietary nature of antique and vintage knives is what makes Cutlers Cove a perfect web-based business. It would be impossible to imagine a single store with the selection of products we offer, just as it is impossible to imagine a single store with a customer base such as ours.

What ever your reason for buying a vintage knife... utility, pleasure or profit we are here to help.

The majority of the knives we have are vintage, hard to find or collectable. They are used for recreation, outdoors, tactical, hunting, and everyday utility work. In many cases they are better made or designed than knives made today. We consider many of them fine examples of workmanship and design. All our knives are high in value including a combination of quality, price and service.

Stand out from the crowd!

A benefit of owning a knife that is no longer made is many of the older knives offer materials and workmanship not available in knives made today. Another advantage is collectable knives can hold their value or increase in value with time. The vintage knife is more unique in that not every body will have one, because they are harder to obtain than new current knives. You will stand out from the crowd by carrying and using a knife that is no longer made.

We will always be glad to help you start a collection and learn more about knives. We can not make free appraisals or evaluations of your knife because of time restrains and the volume of requests. But we will continue to add to the Knife Web Guide and improve it. Check out the Knife Collecting page for the article titled "Knife Collecting: A Beginning" for basic knife collecting information and our recommended reading list of books and magazines. We also have over 2400 links to very useful Web resources about knives, swords and cutlery on our KnifeWebGuide.com

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Consistently a top site for
vintage knives and resources.

#1 in our category

Who are the best and most popular knife related websites? Click here to see.

How Cutlers Cove got started.  --- A letter from the founder and owner of Cutler's Cove that looks back to our beginning. 

CutlersCove.com Online Debut: Sept. 14, 1999
Enjoy our award winning site and let us know how to make it better.
A helping hand is always appreciated.

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How to order
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The Credo

Cutler’s Cove is not corporate America. We are passionate knife, and outdoor enthusiasts who know technology and how to get you hard to find vintage knives. Our niche lies in the vintage and sometime forgotten discontinued knives of the near and distant past. The newest and latest is not always the best just as vintage is not always classic.

Our goal is to provide you "Unique knives", and whatever you need to enjoy, collect, or use knives in your daily life and play. We use the Web as a medium to offer those unique knives, in a fun, interactive format. Most of the knives we offer are one of a kind. What this simply means is our vintage knives are no longer made, are out of production and we only have one to sell.

We hope that you enjoy them, and find what you need here on CutlersCove.com, CutlersCove.info and KnifeWebGuide.com. Do come back to visit us frequently, as our selection changes weekly, and whatever you do, go outside and make the most of it! Please feel free to drop us an email or note at any time if you have comments, suggestions, or just want to say 'hi'. How To Contact Us   How to Order

Cutlers Cove is the owner and producer of KnifeWebGuide.com, which has over 2400 links to knife, sword and cutlery resources. We are not responsible for the other sites listed, nor do we sell all the items that you can find through the links in KnifeWebGuide.com. 

CutlersCove.com, which is our retail online store, only deals in quality vintage, used, old, antique, scarce and rare knives. Between the two sites we have tried to cover the entire cutlery world for your purchasing and collecting pleasure. If you like what we have put together please let us know and tell your friends and colleagues about us --- we'd love to see them online too.

Before the dawn of civilization, fire and the knife were man's first steps toward a better life.

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Quality is quality no matter who made it or when it was made.
Byron Rogers

 Golden Web Award Winner
Third year 
in a row.

American Knife & Tool Institute Logo
Member Since 2000


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Because of the traffic we receive on this website we do not place eBay auctions much any more, as a matter of fact not since 1998. It is better for us to list the items in CutlersCove.com and let you place your order than go though eBay. We appreciate your orders and viewing our many pages full of interesting information and items for sale!  

Be sure to check the expanded Neat Stuff section that is full of many different items that are not cutlery related. The Neat Stuff section will continue to grow as we clean out our warehouse and make room for more knives and cutlery related items. The Neat Stuff section will get larger and then as we sell out of the stuff it will get smaller but will not go completely away.

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Time Line for CutlersCove.com™ and CutlersCove.com Blog™

The domain name CutlersCove.com™ was registered on June 17,1999.

CutlersCove.com Online Debut: Sept. 14, 1999

The CutlersCove.com Blog™ debuted on November 9, 2009.

CutlersCove.com Blog™ = http://CutlersCove.info

The domain name KnifeWebGuide.com was registered on Oct. 20, 2000.

The Knife Web Guide™ was started the last week in October 2000 and the first version of the Guide was debuted on CutlersCove.com site the first week of November 2000. The third version which is current went up Oct. 21, 2009.


Through our partnership with Amazon.com, we are offering an exclusive Cutlers Cove version of the award winning Alexa Toolbar. With the toolbar you can search the web, using their amazing search engine, right from your toolbar. Plus, when you download and use the toolbar, you'll help support Cutlers Cove.

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