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We no longer offer appraisals
We no longer offer appraisals

Do you have an appraisal** service online? If not, are there any good ones out there?

Knife appraisals** or evaluations are FREE to our customers.*

Hello, CutlersCove.com offers an appraisal**, evaluation, rating, valuation, estimate, history, general information, approximate value or assessment service of your knife or knife collection for either personal use or your insurance company. We can also research your cutlery for historical, age and patent information. We have been in the cutlery business since 1991 and dealing in cutlery is the way we make our living. The fee is $35.00 for a single item. If we cannot produce a professional appraisal for the $35 fee we will refund your money. Our fee is never more than $35 nor is it ever less than $35 per item.

Please contact us here: appraisal**

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We need the following for a good knife evaluation or appraisal**? The items below should be included in your message in order for us to give you the best appraisal possible:

  1.  Brand Name or Manufacturer or Makers Name

  2.  Model or Pattern Number

  3.  Handle Material, size, sheath, box, etc.

  4.  Number of blades

  5.  Tang stamp

  6.  Condition --- For help in describing the condition of your knife click here.

  7.  Any other information that will help us make an accurate appraisal**.

You can be assured of a professional evaluation by Cutlers Cove.

We no longer offer appraisals
We no longer offer appraisals

You can also search through our site and our KnifeWebGuide.com™ for specific items and it might be possible to find some helpful value information that way.

There are a number of online appraisal** services. Remember, an online appraiser cannot view your item personally. The appraisal** will only be as good as the service you contact and as good as the information you provide. If you believe your item to be of particular merit, you may wish to contact a more traditional appraiser and have the piece viewed personally. You can find appraisers by going to any search engine (such as http://www.google.com) and typing "appraiser" into the search category. You can also find a listing of appraisers in Maloney's Antiques & Collectibles Resource Directory book .

You can also visit Knife Web Guide - Appraisals, which has several other appraisals** firms. There are numerous other firms and these sites should not be considered as personal recommendations. Before contracting with any appraiser, do your homework and find out exactly what they can provide you and how much it will cost.

eBay Marketplace Research is available in three subscription options to help meet your specific needs. Pick the option that's right for you and expand your knowledge immediately!

* Byron is happy to provide FREE knife evaluations to customers of CutlersCove.com. Please include your invoice number or purchase date and total along with your request. Customers, you may email Byron now with the detailed information outlined above to receive your FREE evaluation. Customers are anyone who has purchased the knife, sheath, box, etc. from us. If you purchase the item elsewhere then our appraisal service fee is $35 per item.

Good luck!
Cutler's Cove

Appraisals** May Vary
Be savvy about appraisals: they can vary depending on type and timing. Probate appraisals reflect the fair market value of an item (and the associated demand for that item), while insurance appraisals indicate the retail replacement cost. Since antiques and collectables can appreciate over short periods of time, keep written appraisals current. And note that typically, appraisals offer not a single dollar amount, but an estimated value.

Provenance Matters
Provenance is an object's history, which can include its period, owners and maker. Any antique with an impressive provenance -- for instance, a piece that can be connected to a specific creator or collector -- is often of much greater importance than an identical piece without such origins. Hence, provenance is an important part of the investment and the object.

**Appraisal, evaluation, rating, valuation, estimate, history or assessment service - a valuation of property by the estimate of an authorized person: as a : the determination of the fair value of an object such as a knife or sword. b : the classification of something with respect to its worth [syn: assessment] c : a document appraising the value of something (as for insurance or taxation) [syn: estimate, estimation]

If you want to know the history or value of your knife or sword from us we consider that an appraisal and we have a fixed charge of $35 for any information about your object including how old, or where it was made, what kind of metal used in the blade, any information about your knife or sword there is a fee for us to work up that for you.

Our $35 appraisal fee is never more or less per knife. If we cannot do a professional appraisal for you there is no charge and we will return your payment in full.

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