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Blackjack Reinhardt Combat Kukri that is near mint with quality black leather sheath. It has never been sharpened or carried and has only one small scratch on the blade, that is hard to find. The sheath has very light wear and is the early black leather one. It is 18 5/8" overall and has a 1/4" thick convex blade. The Reinhardt Combat Kukri is a little known piece of Blackjack knives history. Pretty rare for production, only a few thousand (1500 or maybe 2000) were made. Early sheaths were leather, later ones were nylon. Steel is AUS8. The handle is very well shaped, and is molded of Kraton. It's a well made kukri. The Reinhardt name comes from the man attributed to having designed it. Hank Reinhardt, of Atlanta Cutlery and Museum Replicas Ltd. Hank either founded or played a great part in founding the Historical Armed Combat Association. http://www.thehaca.com

For more information on Kukri knives read article by Hank Reinhardt titled "Curved Death The Legendary Knife of the Gurkha." The article is in the 15th Anniversary Best of Blade Magazine 1989.

It was the forerunner to the BKT Combat Kukri (made by Blackjack knives) which was very thin, light, and used the excellent BKT handle.

Tom Carey, the developer of a new site dedicated to the history of Blackjack Knives: 
The Blackjack Info Pages Project

Blackjack started in early 1987 and the company closed its doors in August of 1997.

Excellent article about the kukri and it's history: Sword Forum

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Blackjack Reinhardt Combat Kukri that is near mint with black leather sheath and no leg tie. X-00021 Sold

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