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Buck knife display from hardware store counter top. Vintage and genuine original display from about 1995 that is about 24" X 15-1/4" X 16" on the bottom and the top tapers to about 7-3/4" in excellent condition. It would be used to display knives and has storage in between the two sides for extra back stock. It is marked on the bottom left of both sides Buck Knives and is wood stained light walnut in color. The knife display behind transparent acrylic plastic is a red color. The whole unit is on a large metal Lazy Susan so it can be rotated 360° and you can see both sides displaying the knives. The transparent acrylic plastic has cloud reflections showing and is clear without marks or shapes. We photographed the display outside on an over cast day with clouds.

The photos below show three views of the Buck knife display

CutlersCove.com logo type is on the photo not on the knife display. This means when you get the knife display only the orginal factory logo is there.

In the red area there are four panels with two shown on each side to hold the knives. The top is removable by loosing four metal hold downs and slide out of the four panels to reach the storage area. All are original. Notice the red panels are in two different layouts to hold several sizes of knives.

One of the best ways to show your knife collection.
Display it inside an original manufacturers knife display.

There are light scratches on both transparent acrylic plastic sheets and on the right lower corner there is a small chip of wood missing and a few other small bumps but other wise nothing is loose or missing. The unit has not been repaired and only lightly cleaned with a dusting cloth. It is as found vintage original condition and has been in the owner of CutlersCove.com collection for about 17 years. CutlersCove.com in white text is on the photos and not on the knife display.

On the right lower corner there is a small chip of wood missing as seen in the second photo

Many people use old and vintage knife displays for decoration in homes, offices, log cabins, man caves and to highlight their knife collection. Knife displays are a great way to embellish your space.

This will be shipped flat and will require some assembly using a Phillips screwdriver. Shipping this flat will save you money on the shipping cost.

Front View

Back View

Side View

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Vintage and genuine original Buck knife display from hardware store counter top. Original display from about 1995 that is about 24" X 15-1/4" X 16" on the bottom in excellent condition.
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Vintage and genuine original large Buck knife display from hardware store that sets on the floor from late 1990's.

Vintage and genuine old Keen Kutter, Simmons Hardware Company Invoice dated Jan. 7, 1907.

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