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Cutlers Cove is home for vintage knives     Share/Bookmark provides an extensive guide of links, resources and information to online knife, sword and cutlery-related Web sites organized by category and search. Look inside for links to knife manufacturers, custom knife makers, swords, magazines, knife collecting, knife making supplies, related sites and more.

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The extensive guide for knife, sword, cutlery
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Browse or search our foremost directory of knife, sword, cutlery related Web sites, manufacturers, guides, publications, clubs, articles and more. Almost daily new websites related to knives, swords and cutlery are created and choose Knife Web Guide's link directory to introduce themselves to the cutlery community. They choose exchanging links or placing their banner ad inside the KWG or more.

Your gateway to knife, sword and cutlery information™.

Knife Web Guide was made for browsing or surfing the internet for great websites connected with knives, swords and cutlery.

What does KWG stand for?

Abbreviation; Initialism; Acronym: KWG = = home page of the KWG

How to navigate the over 150 pages

  Near the top of all pages except the home page in the KWG is a drop-down menu to the many theme pages that make up the Guide. Look for Browse the Knife Web Guide with the "Select a Theme" down arrow.

Knife Web Guide Site Map or Table of Contents can be found in the center of the index page or home page of the Knife Web Guide as a link. There is also a link in the navigation footer at the bottom of all the pages in the KWG. Knife Web Guide Site Map

  Above the listings section on each category or theme page is a bread crumb trail similar to this:
KWG Site Map > Home Page >

Or this:
KWG Site Map > Home Page > index > Cutlery > Kitchen Knives

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The KWG has over 150 pages including
87 alphabetical Theme-Categories and the
Knife Article Library

Below are the 10 most popular Categories* based on the amount of traffic each receives:

Automatics - Switchblades has over 30 links.

Custom Knife Makers has over 250 links.  The largest Theme-Category

Knife Dealers - Retailers has over 240 links.  Second largest Theme-Category

Knife Making Supplies has over 50 links.

Knife Making Information has over 10 links.

Knife Manufacturers has over 120 links.

Swords and Armour has over 160 links.

Kitchen Knives has over 100 links.

Custom Knife Dealers has over 30 links.

Military Edged Weapons has over 50 links.

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International Knife Resource

The Knife Web Guide has many links to sites all over the world. Since 2000 we have served our international readership with a valuable resource frequented by manufactures, makers, metallurgists, historians, dealers, collectors, artists, conservators, curators and individuals. We are now receiving over 12% of our traffic from outside the USA. We have added keywords for many knife, sword and cutlery terms in several languages that helps our international visitors find what they are looking for.

We would like to thank our over 500 Link Partners, our newest additions to the KWG, and all the linked sites in the Guide for their help in making the KWG better.  

Site Traffic

Top 10 Countries World Wide

Top 10 States in the USA

1.   United States*
2.   Canada
United Kingdom
8.   Hungary


1.   Virginia*
2.   Connecticut
3.   Tennessee
4.   Massachusetts
5.   California
8.   Illinois
9.   Washington
10. New York

* Web measurement is based on the data collected from the site web logs using WebTrends and is a average.

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Only what you want!

Because the information and resources of the Knife Web Guide portal or vortal* relate only to the chosen topics (knives, swords and cutlery), users avoid the frustration of being inundated with unwanted information and the time wasted on filtering irrelevant search results.

You can search what we have built into the Guide. At the top of every page in the KWG is a search box that will find any key word or phrase listed in the titles and descriptions of all the web sites listed inside the theme pages and the Knife Article Library that make up Knife Web Guide.

What does the search engine inside the Knife Web Guide search?

*Vortal --- is a vertical portal, vertical directory, or vertical search engine. Whereas a major search engine searches "horizontally" across numerous and unending categories, vertical search engines are topic-related search engines only, which is why they're are called "verticals."  

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Knife Web Guide

Your gateway to knife, sword and cutlery information™

The Knife Web Guide™ was started the last week in October 2000 and the first version of the Guide was debuted on site the first week of November 2000. The fourth version which is current went up Jan. 10, 2009. The Guide's domain name was registered on Oct. 20, 2000.

The mission statement for
Our goal is to keep the information and resources of™ portal or vortal related only to the topics of knives, swords and cutlery. To attract viewers who will return again and tell their friends because it helps them find what they were looking for, save time and increase their knowledge. We strive to add information, material and content to the KWG that is interesting, challenging and worthwhile. Let us know if we’re staying on course and mission. retains the right to edit or alter any materials submitted to fit the format of the website, and to add, remove or change the content as is deemed necessary to fit the format of this website.

The Knife Web Guide can help you find knife, sword and cutlery stuff on the Web. Think of the Knife Web Guide as the phone book, or maybe the directory assistance operator along with a collection of informative articles. We have a search feature on the Guide so you can go through the over 2400 listings fast and get to what you are searching for quickly. Let us know of any problems, new additions or ways that we can improve the Guide. will remain in flux as it grows, adjusting to new technology, new demands and more readers.™ is a sponsored project of Cutlers Cove™ and is made possible by the generous support of our advertisers.

Knife Web Guide™; KWG™;™;™;™; "Your gateway to knife, sword and cutlery information™"; "Your gateway to knife, sword and cutlery resources™"; "Discover the cutlery world through the Knife Web Guide!™"; the square gold and blue gray logo; all related trademarks and logos; trade dress are trademarks of Knife Web Guide™ in the United States and other countries. Other products and companies referred to herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies or mark holders.

The Knife Web Guide Staff and Advisory Council

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Cutlers Cove and Knife Web Guide reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to determine whether sites may participate in our Link Partner, Multi-category listing, Category Sponsor on theme-category page, Banner and Advertising Programs.

Browse our Knife Article Libraryfor some helpful stuff and take a minute to submit your own tip or hint that you've picked up. You'll get credit for it on the page if we use it. Looking for a little exposure? Want to beef up your internet presence? Have a site you think other knife enthusiasts would find valuable?
Send your articles or site links to us for inclusion in a future CC-Newsletter issue or to be used on Knife Web Guide site.

The Guide has it's own Robot** and he is is an intelligent, information-harvesting, internet robot. He automatically explores the web, collecting data from web sites he has judged to be similar to the Theme (knives, swords and cutlery) he has been trained for. He is always looking for more knife, sword and cutlery information and resources to add to the Knife Web Guide™. He has looked at over 410,075 sites to find the sites that are now listed in the Guide. Each site he finds we look over to see if it will make a good addition to the Knife Web Guide™. Then we decide which Theme-Category of the 87 to add the site to. Sometimes we need to add a new Theme-Category to help make the Guide better.

When the Robot started he had an IQ of 1000 and now he has an IQ of 35,500. He gets better and better at finding great sites to add to the Guide. The Knife Web Guide™ has maybe the largest comprehensive, vertical-themed Link Directory on knife, sword and cutlery information on the internet. We hope you keep coming back again and again to see what he has found for us to add and make the best Knife Web Guide™.

The Knife Web Guide Staff
The up to date guide and resource for knives,
swords and cutlery since October 2000!

** Our robot is able to seek out and find web sites by matching his Theme training against a Uniqueness score derived from an analysis of each web site visited. After scoring the web site, he saves a condensed analysis of it to a powerful relational database that is compatible with Microsoft Access.

He is not a random wanderer like most web robots. We train him, using the concept of themes. He systematically looks for themed or multiple-themed sites of our choosing and training, in an intelligent fashion, not bothering other web sites. He is search engine friendly and is non-invasive to visited websites and follows all the Robotic Guidelines as described throughout the Internet.

After his initial training is complete, he is virtually automatic, except for all the work he makes us do in evaluating each site he finds for us to look at. Each site is human evaluated before being added to the KWG. We have over 1375* hours in work on the Knife Web Guide™ since we started back in October 2000, and there will be many more hours to come. Therefore, he is automatic only to a point. Our robot is the best tool available for doing this tedious, time-consuming job.

Warning: Make a niche website directory. Stay focused on your set of links and potential link partners. Your goal is to produce a highly-targeted set of links that deal and relate to your site's theme and purpose. Don't get off track and confused about the true nature of your site. Make something that is true to you and your site. The search engines and your audience will love you for staying true to your site. Some thoughts on link popularity and trading links.

* 1375 hours is equivalent to over 34 work weeks of forty hours each or almost three quarters of a year of personnel hours.

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The Knife Web Guide like other portals has to maintain and develop its services and consequently we are now relying on advertising to help cover some of the considerable expense. Cutlers Cove has been the total sponsor and developer since the KWG started back in October 2000. Now the KWG has sponsorships available to other businesses and is accepting banner ads and other forms of advertising from other knife, sword and cutlery related business and industry.

We work hard to be sure that the Knife Web Guide is accurate, up to date, fully functional and as useful to our visitors as possible. We are always in the process of verifying each of our links and if you find a dead or bad link please let us know here. It will make the guide more valuable and useful to all knife, sword and cutlery enthusiasts and we thank you for your time and informing us about the bad link. Your support along the way is very much appreciated!

Be sure to go to our digital hub at for links to our other online presences.

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What to do if you do not like your listing in the KWG or would like to change it.

If you have a listing in the Knife Web Guide™ and you do not like how it is worded you need to do two things:

1. Let us know how and what you want changed in the Guide so we can change it for you.

2. You need to change your meta tags so that they say what you want your site to show the search engines and the people coming to your site. Our robot took the information that is listed in the Guide from your meta tags or if you do not have meta tags from the first lines of text on your home page.  

If you do not know what a meta tag is, you need to learn if your web site is going to rise to the top of the heap. Not all search engines use meta tags but many of the important ones do.

What we see over and over in the Guide is the following title:

Welcome to Bob Smith's knife site. (We are using Bob Smith only as an example.)

Much better title:

Bob Smith's knife site. We welcome you!

The much better one will be listed alphabetically in the Guide automatically, and the same in many search engines. It will be higher up in the page and listed by the "B" and not down lower in the page under the "W". We even see people who should know better do this. Example look up Camillus on the Knife Manufacturers Theme Page. It is down under the "W" and not up by the "C".

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