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Advertising with Marketing is the smart and simple way to connect with interested customers online.

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The Media Kit is where you will find services, features, resources and information for online knife, sword and cutlery-related marketing. Look for our current Rate Card, banner ad requirements, Category Sponsor and much more.

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You control Country, State/Region and/or City/Territory to see your ad.

When buying banner ad space from any website always ask, "How many impressions do I get for the money I am paying?" We will always tell you and allow you to see for yourself in your control panel.

Save 50% for a limited time!

Buy banner ads instantly with several packages to choose from. Click Here to buy and to see the new and improved system.

According to Advertising Age, "Less than 10% of online retailers' web traffic, on average, comes from search engines, according to an analysis by Nielsen Co.'s Online division."  FULL ARTICLE <>

Eight ways to advertise on
Online Marketing and Advertising

 1. Category Sponsor of theme-category page. Your Category Sponsor listing will receive unlimited visitors for a low monthly price. Choose from 78 categories.

 2. Banner Advertising Rate Card  With our low rates you can reach your customers for very little! Flexible ad scheduling and country targeting.

 3. Sponsorships of KWG
Sponsorship packages start at 90 days and you receive discounts and priority placement.

 4. Multi-category listing
Be listed more than once in the directory for a full year at a fixed fee.

 5. What if you do not want to be a Link Partner but you still want your site listed in the KWG?

 6. in the KWG
Free with reciprocal link. Click for how to add your site. Sign up now!

 7. Advertorial
Custom package - Click for compete details.

 8. Microsites
1 to 9 pages just for you and we do all the technical work for you.

New Guaranteed Traffic Banner Advertising Program
See rate card for cost per click, CPC, advertising details.

Ask about our super all year long advertising package deal? is an inexpensive way to target your customers right where they search for what you sell. And yes, this works.

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How to place advertising order

Advertising info for


Top ten reasons to advertise here


Banners - size and type

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Media Kit Help and FAQ

Media Kit Site Map

Understanding Hits, Page Views, Visitors and User Sessions



Web Traffic Reports

Report of Ad Activity

Custom Creative Services


Help and FAQ about the KWG

Why you should link to us

Bill of Rights for our Advertisers

Glossary for Web Technology and Advertising

Order a custom banner

Subject-specific portal …attracting your target audience

An easy and cost-effective way
to drive traffic to your site!

Its unique subject attracts visitors to™ (KWG) portal. Since its start in 2000 traffic has increased every year. The™ portal addresses the fundamental need of Internet users to easily and efficiently find subject-specific, context-related information and resources on a single Website. The specialized, narrow audience of enables an advertiser to speak to those most likely to buy a product in the knife, sword and cutlery industries. Advertising with the KWG™ places your message before this highly focused growing audience.

There are humans on the other side of this website,
you can ask us questions at any time.

Drive qualified traffic

Banner ads on the KWG™ portal and the other advertising options we offer take your message directly to customers already segmented into their area of interest. Advertising on the KWG adds your business to the Internet’s most unique global knife guide and directory. Enjoy the visibility of a high profile exposure to a precisely targeted world audience. Banners provide the fastest way to get your site noticed on the rapidly growing Internet. Use of banner advertisements in a creative way help drive brand awareness and trigger sales.

Deliver quality leads

A brand is created or enhanced on the Web in the same way as anywhere else, through persistent positive associations. Branding requires time, exposure, consistent associations made between a word or name and a range of impactful experiences, using depth, repetition, utility and reinforcement.

Build your brand

Branding your business in the minds of customers and driving customers to your business is what banner advertising was designed to do. If you want global exposure, instant response, select targeting, and a broad reach, banner ads are the way to reach your goals. If you want to boost visitors to your site immediately, banner advertisements will help get your site noticed in a cost-effective manner. If your objectives involve increasing awareness or improving a brand's image banners are the best new way to go.

Improve your Net result has created a centralized information and communication space that has an unequaled customer appeal and reach and is highly relevant to brand objectives. If you have a product or service of interest to knife, sword or cutlery enthusiasts, is an ideal place for you to advertise!

Builds sales offers CPM (cost-per-thousand-displays) or CPC (cost-per-clickthrough) advertising. You only pay for how many times your banner is shown or how many visitors we send you, your choice. Viewers visiting see your ad on the pages inside the KWG and when they click your banner it is logged so you can check it any time 24/7.

Top ten reasons to advertise your knife, sword or cutlery
business with us?
Click here

By advertising today, you'll create goodwill, profits and awareness for tomorrow. Call on our Marketing Department today and find out how banner advertising can work for you. We'll keep your company name and image in front of your customers and promote your ad-message. Remember advertising costs for your business is tax deductible.

When you are ready to run a targeted campaign with your custom ads, you will be charged for the media based on the budget that you set starting at $40 and up.

Advertising is an investment in the future of your business. Use your own banner and choose to pay for each ad click or impression - you have complete control. KWG Marketing is a robust advertising program that connects your ads with customers on this site from around the world.

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Fact: Web ad banners build brand awareness and may be better at generating awareness than television and print advertising. Specifically, exposure to the ad banners alone increased brand awareness 12% to 200% in a banner-exposed group. Quote from the book: Webvertising: The Ultimate Internet Advertising Guide


Reach a vast and highly-targeted audience!

Since opened in November 2000, traffic has increased steadily.

If you are looking for thousands of visitors monthly that are buyers, collectors, enthusiasts, of knives, swords and cutlery the KWG website is maybe the best place to find them on the Internet. KWG can promise you will be reaching enthusiasts and collectors you are not reaching in any other way. We have the data to back it up. Just ask and we will send you a free report by email with detail info, graphs and statistics.

We target the knife, sword and cutlery guest as our primary audience. Our secondary audience includes the hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, outdoors, cooking, police and military guest.

A bold claim --- but we know it’s true.

More importantly, the visitors form a well-defined target audience. Our research shows over 87% of the traffic coming from the USA and international traffic over 12%.* Click here for how the site traffic is distributed around the USA and the world.

We get as much traffic as Blade® Magazine.
Click here to see how they compare.

The number of visitors who visit the KWG more than once is in the ten of thousands. The average length of time each visitor spends on the KWG site is over nine minutes (9:08). They view about two pages (1.8) on average per KWG visit. The most active day of the week is generally Mondays and the least active day of the week is normally Saturdays. The most active hour of the day is generally 3PM to 4PM CST and the least active hour of the day is normally 4AM to 5AM CST. According to our WebTrends report average for 12 months.

Please note: we do not use the term "hits" to describe our traffic and the reason is hits can be misused to imply a larger audience than a web site really has. If you want to know the difference between hits, page views and user sessions click here. Example: this page counts as 37 hits when viewed.

Buying your audience in the world of fragmented media is becoming central to how media is bought. If you have any audience and website traffic questions, we encourage you to check out the Website Traffic Reports section of our media kit: Learn more...

Check our excellent Google rankings & testimonials here.

We are open to any approved banner ad for any business or product to display in the KWG network between the hours of 1AM to 6AM CST. This open policy applies only for the five hours of the early morning AM time slot. We do not allow any hate, sexually explicit or pornography type ads in this late night and early morning time slot. Your ad is not limited to knives, swords or cutlery during this time.   Effective Nov. 1, 2008

Banner space is reserved for knife, sword, cutlery-related and outdoor advertisements normally and is offered to a limited number of advertisers.

Please note that there is limited space, and ads will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Advertising opportunities on the portal are available to all approved sites and retailers world wide. If this is the targeted audience you are looking for, is a great place to advertise.

Guaranteed Impressions
Our advertisers get what they pay for award winning site and are together one of the fastest growing knife-related networks on the net. The is maybe the Internet's most cost effective portal available to the knife, sword and cutlery industry. It offers a targeted, rapidly growing audience and extremely competitive rates! Get advertising today and get the customers flooding in. If you would like to know more about our site ranking click here.

KWG Marketing will continue to educate and assist advertisers about how to best use the medium and reach their target audiences. Lean more.

Our network is contextually relevant to the ads from knife, sword and cutlery advertisers.

Category Targeting

Who do you want to see your banner ads? Who do you want to click on your banner ads? Your target market, right!

The more you target your market with your banner ads, the more effective your banner ads. So if your market is in the knife, sword or cutlery field we have the audience for your target market. More

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Other Information

Advertise with us using banner ads starting at around $40.00!

Banners (must meet our approval) may be of any size listed here and may be animated. There are file size limits based on the banner size. (The smaller the better, as the banner will load faster and is more likely to be seen!) Banner size specifications are compliant with IAB/CASIE standards. Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) and the Coalition for Advertising Supported Information (CASIE).

Multiple Sizes -- We have incorporated multiple banner sizes to use more of our sites' real estate or zones. 728X90, 468x60, 120x600, 120x240, 125X125, 120x60. Show banner ads based on your users interests. Simple!

Payment must be made for all advertisements 100% in advance.
CPM is the cost per 1000
CPC is the cost per click.

When you are ready to run a targeted campaign with your custom ads, you will be charged for the media based on the budget that you set starting at $40 and up.


Choose from the Rate Card here for price.

Click here for glossary on Web Technology and Advertising.

bullet Delivery Features
bullet Targeting Features
bullet Tracking Features
bullet Advertiser Control Panel (each advertiser has personal login)
bullet The rotation of paid advertising does not include Link Partners in the guide with banners by their listing.

bullet There are two major types of banners, static banners and dynamically-rotated banners. Static Banners do not change, they stay the same to every user, every page load. Dynamically-Rotated Banners can change for each user. Our banners are dynamically-rotated.
bullet International Support
Advertisers from any country can sign up with the KWG with approval.
bullet 50% payment is due at contract signing, with 50% due at beginning of the run. Visa, MasterCard, Discover/Novus, PayPal, checks and money orders accepted in USA Dollars$. Until we receive at least 50% deposit we can not hold a location or sponsorship.
bullet Maximum sizes for banners are listed here. Size is in Pixels at 72 ppi/dpi.
bullet All artwork must be accompanied by alternative text. Alt text should be no more than 50 characters (spaces included).
bullet Text links with short description can be used in place of banners. 
bullet Hosting of all banner ads will be done by unless other arrangements are made. This will help your banners load or show faster.
bullet Banner file types are listed here.
bullet Minimum purchase is required of $40.00 or nearest amount above $40.00 to give you a CPM amount to go with the banner size or Tier you choose. See examples by clicking here.
bullet All banners link to an advertiser-supplied web page unless approved otherwise. We provide statistical tools which track banner clicks and exposures to your ads so if you do not own a web site which the system can track you will not get as much benefit.
bullet Professional marketing services for trade
Will trade advertising inventory for knife inventory!

Be on the internet with a web site for
only 75˘ to $1.19 per day!

It is not necessary that you own a web site to advertise with us.  We may be able to add a microsite to our site for you to send your banner click through traffic. A microsite is made up of 1 to 9 pages just for you inside our site and it can have your domain name pointing to one of the pages inside the microsite as your homepage. Click here for details about microsite option!

How to improve and extend your advertising
budget in the KWG, Click here.
Highly recommended!


Custom Programs

Let's be creative: If the suggestions for promotions listed above are not of any interest to you, we can work together to come up with a powerful ad campaign that will get results! We understand the challenges business face. Give us a call or email and let us develop a program that works for your business!

Specific page advertising is available on many pages. Be sure to check to see if the Category Sponsor is available for the page you are interested in.

The cost to show your banner on a specific theme page and not the other pages that make up the KWG has a minimum of one banner in your choice of several dimensions plus a custom set up of $100.00 for making this happen on only one page. The minimum of one banner cost is $500.00 which includes all the impressions that go with a Tier 1 level purchase.

The minimum total cost for specific page banner advertising is $500 of impressions any size at Tier 1 and $100 custom set up for a total of $600.00.

The minimum cost is required because we must change the code on the page you want each time the KWG directory is updated which can happen several times per week. The minimum cost is only required one time and is good so long as you keep running your banner on the same page. If you stop your banner we must change the code back to its original form. Then if you want to start your banner again in the future the minimum cost is required again.

What works is on-topic advertising,
or contextual advertising with the right message.

bullet Discounts
Consideration is available to our partners who wish to prominently display the KWG graphic and text link on their website. If you agree to add a linking graphic along with text to (125 x 125 or larger) either on your main page or on the top of your main Link page we can offer a 5% discount on the advertising rates.
(Custom Creative Services not included)

Current specials for marketing inside the KWG

No refund once advertising has started running.

15% discount to recognized advertising agencies
(graphic link discount not included).
Guidelines for Agency Recognition: KWG must receive confirmation of the agency appointment for the account. Payment must come from the appointed agency net of commission.

Advertising Price List or Rate Card: click here

bullet All terms are subject to change with one month notice to active advertisers and all others with a notice of change here in our media kit pages. If you are an active advertiser your terms will not change until the end of your contract or you are no longer in business.

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Fact:  In any discussion of ad formats, the watchword has got to be context. The right message in the right format at the right time will always work. It’s as simple as that. Quote from the book: Www.Advertising: Advertising and Marketing on the World Wide Web

Report of Ad Activity

As an advertiser on, you can look forward to your banner ad being displayed in the over 150 pages that make up the The guide has 78 theme-categories that are knife, sword or cutlery related, there are two entry pages and many knife related articles. Click here for more details on traffic reports for the KWG. Our traffic has steadily increased every year since we started in 2000.

How much traffic does the KWG receive each month?

What are the most popular categories or areas in the KWG?

Definitions of specifications and terms to assist in your buying process.

Custom Creative Services

Graphics design: $50-$250 depending on how elaborate the design is and number of images. Custom banner or button design is also available at $15-$95. Please email or call us for an estimate. Click here for current rates for banner design.

Photography: $50-$150 depending on how elaborate the photograph setup needs to be. (Advertiser pays courier and insurance both ways.)

If you require banner design, we offer custom creation services to help you get started. Please see our sample gallery here for the type and sizes of banners we design.

Production services
Service charge will apply to all creatives or materials not conforming to specifications. Minimum charge $50.00

Click here for more reasons to trust us with your advertising.


We usually can have your banners going in less than
24 hours when you have a banner(s) ready to run.

To order any advertising we need the following:

What form of advertising do you want?

1. Category Sponsor on theme-category page

2. Banner Advertising Rate Card

3. Sponsorships of KWG

4. Multi-category listing

5. What if you do not want to be a Link Partner but you still want your site listed in the KWG?

6. Link Partner in the KWG --- Basically free

7. Advertorial --- A type of paid editorial advertising

8. Microsites --- 1 to 9 pages just for you and we do all the technical work for you.

If you want to run banners we need to know what size banner or banners and how many impressions you want to buy for each banner size?

Basically we need to know how many, how long, where you want to run the banners, a copy of the banner or banners you what to run and payment for the total order.

We usually can have your banners going in less than 24 hours when you have your own banners. If you call before noon (12:00 CST) with all the above information about what you want and have your approved banner ready to go we will try our best to have your banners live on our network before the end of that work day!

After we receive all the information above we will send you info about the banner delivery system's personal log in area with instructions on how to check your banner stats and what to do next.

No refund once advertising has started running.

For more information, or to place a insertion order, please call: (325) 617-2578, 10-6pm CST Monday-Friday, or email the Marketing Department here.

Click here to order Tier 1 with Auto Renewal PayPal now! Click here to order Tier 1 with Auto Renewal PayPal now!

Click here to order Tier 2 with PayPal now! Click here to order Tier 2 with PayPal now!

Click here to order Tier 3 with PayPal now! Click here to order Tier 3 with PayPal now!

Please put Marketing Department at the top of your email, that way we can respond to your request fast. We have many different ways to pay: Visa, MasterCard, Discover/Novus, PayPal, checks and money orders accepted in USA Dollars$. How to pay

Mail all contracts, insertion orders, correspondence, proofs, copy, DVD, CD, USB Flash Drive, 3.5" diskette and complete advertising materials to:
Marketing Department
P.O. Box 3171
San Angelo, Texas 76902-3171

PC format only.
MAC format not accepted.

Advertisers can buy inventory (banner space or impressions) weeks or months before a campaign begins which will guarantee location and placement in our network. Let us know your plans and what you will need. Guaranteed placement requires Tier 1 rate. To guarantee placement a 50% nonrefundable deposit must be made at time of order. You can book up to 90 days in advance with deposit. Tier 2 and Tier 3 rates cannot be purchased held or booked by deposit. They require full payment and must be started at time of purchase. Marketing accepts the Cutlers Cove Gift Certificates for all marketing and advertising services.
Click to order a Gift Certificate

Media Kit Help and FAQ

Media Kit Site Map

How to Pay

    Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Check, PayPal, Western Union Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Check, PayPal, Western Union How to PayPal    Contact Us

Have a question?  Feel free to contact us at any time.
Please review our Privacy Policy.

Advertising as it should be …Efficient, Effective and Affordable
Advertise so people know you exist and to keep you in business!

* This demographic information is obtained from both a voluntary user survey and our data logs. The data is provided by our users and is not validated by or Web measurement is based on the data collected from the site web logs using WebTrends and is a 2006 average.

** Our logs show thousands of page views each day in the over 150 pages that make up the KWG. Click here to get proof of KWG traffic pattern and page view reports. Let us know if you have questions.

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Explore and discover the cutlery world

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We use both of the web traffic reporting software packages below:

WebTrends Web Site            Urchin Web Site - Google Analytics purchased Urchin

WebTrends Log Analyzer Version 8.1 and Urchin Version 5.7.02 are the web measurement software we use to analyze our server logs for insights into what our visitors find important and to improve overall site effectiveness. Click here to get proof of KWG traffic pattern and page view reports. All information in the reports comes from our server logs which we keep archived as records.

Google Analytics purchased Urchin but we have an older version before the change over. Effective Jan. 2006

If you want to know more about hits, page views and user sessions click here. One of the things you will learn by taking this link is that hits do not mean that much, while page views and visitors are very important. Hit is not the same as impression, page view or number of unique visitors. Information about hits is of little value as a metric of online advertising, or online use in general and should not be used. "HITS" stands for "How Idiots Track Success" according to some experienced industry veterans.

Please note, we do not use page reloads or banner refresh to boost our impression count, one page impression is one page viewed by a user no matter how many times the banner appears on the page. Detailed stats going back to May 2003 are available on request. All statistics are generated using WebTrends and Urchin. and are trademarks of Cutler's Cove. Other products and companies referred to herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies or mark holders. No such use, or the use of any trade names, is intended to convey endorsement or other affiliation.

Please note:
Cutlers Cove and reserve the right, in its sole discretion, to determine whether sites may advertise in the network and to decline non industry related or inappropriate advertisements. Cutlers Cove and reserve the right, in its sole discretion, to determine whether sites may participate in our Link Partner, Multi-category listing, Category Sponsor on theme-category page, Banner Programs and Advertorials. All the different ways we have to advertise are subject to availability. The only fair way to sell banners and location is to a limited amount of advertisers and on a first come first served system.

What does KWG stand for?

Abbreviation; Initialism; Acronym: KWG = = home page of the KWG

Click here for glossary on Web Technology and Advertising.

Click here for help on Hits, Page Views, Visitors and User Sessions.

Click here for Banner Sizes Available - Production and Design Specifications help

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The Media Kit area is not part of the content area that makes up™. As an advertiser in™ your ads will not be shown in the Media Kit area but only in the KWG area. If you want your ads to show in the Media Kit area let us know.

As an advertiser you choose the areas or specific regions and zones that your ads will be shown.

NOTICE: KWG authorizes you to use the KWG site and network solely for your personal use and for no other purpose. Any other use of KWG systems and information is strictly prohibited.

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